Automated Continuous Tyre Inflation Systems

VIGIA maintains tyre pressure automatically..Even with a punture!!!

Tyre pressure is maintained at a constant, pre-set level while delivering instant ongoing feedback to the driver. If a tyre requires inflation, the driver is alerted via guages and lights, while the tyre is automatically re-inflated.

Better tyre mileage: Improper inflation accounts for 80% of retread seperations, cut, bruises, flats, and blowouts. Under-inflation of only 5 PSI reduces tyre life by a shocking 25%.

VIGIA virtually eliminates the need for costly road service calls; expensive down time and not meeting time schedules. If a tyre has been punctured, VIGIA will cointinue to inflate that tyre and at the same time, let the driver know the situation.

Allowing the driver to continue to his destination or to arrange to stop for service.

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