Custom Built Sleeper Boxes

Truck Arts objective was not to mass produce a standard sleeper box, but to design and customise a box to suit the needs and comfort of the individual driver.

Truck Art has been fitting sleeper boxes since 1989 and have been designing, manufacturing and fitting their own quality boxes since 1992 all around Australia. The introduction of the Truck Art "Aero Box" was a winner in the market place, significantly increasing the overall value of the truck that was fitted.

Truck Art manufacture and fit all sizes of customised aluminium and fiberglass high-rise and lowline boxes.

Aero II Custom Sleeper

The Aero II Custom built Sleeper by Truck Art, features a raised roof with a streamlined design, allowing superior standing room within the sleeper and additional storage space.

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Pro Sleeper

Fully intergated cab and sleeper designs such as the Pro Sleeper by Truck Art allows much easier movement between the truck cabin and the sleeper as well as addtional storage space and head room.

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Low Line Sleeper

The Lowline Sleeper features a roof top level with the truck cabin roof. This makes the sleeper a perfect fit for specialised trucks such as Car Carriers and rigs requiring access to height restricted loading areas.

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Spray painting and sign writing is the base upon which Truck Art has established itself. With a reputation built on Quality Professional Work and Quick Turnaround Time, Truck Art has now expanded to offer the products and services which makes Truck Art...


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