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VIESA (Internal Unit) Evaporative Cooling

The Best cold inside. Maximum performance with a new compact design.

Viesa Platinum is the most comfortable way of travelling and resting in your truck. A silent and economical system that assures you an ideal temperature at any time.

  • Only 8 amps per hour, battery use to run minimum 7 hours on 12v 4 amps per hour.
  • Service approx $190/year
  • In extreme heat can work more efficiently than battery operated Refrigerated.
  • Reliability with 20,000 on our highways they are a proven product
  • Any repairs should only be approx 1 to 2 hours so for fleet this is a big advantage.


8 Speed Fan, remote control, low water sensor, automatic disconnection of water pump, safety switch off on low battery voltage, Water warning light, protection system for short circuit or high voltage, complete protection from dust due to automatic vent opening and closing, automatic drying system of evaporator filter.

Install a Platinum Viesa and enjoy the best weather everyday of the year. Contact Truck Art today for purchase and installation.

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