When compared to other similar systems in the market; Lubecore system advantages are as follows:

  • The use of Standard EP 2 Chassis Grease (i.e. Liplex; LMX and other heavy duty chassis grease, offering superior protection of all lubrication points)
  •  Reduced lubrication costs when compared to other auto greaser systems (Cheaper opposition upfront installation costs are usually recouped usually within 12 months using our system)

Namely the standard features listed below;

  • The use of Standard EP 2 Chassis Grease, (i.e. Liplex; LMX and other heavy chassis grease)
  • No more need for expensive external lubrication suppliers own lubricants
  • We supply a Standard 3 Year Australia Wide warranty
  • Operator in Dash warning LED light & alarm for Low grease canister indicator, system fault/warning. 
  • Internal Pump mounted low grease solenoid / switch (avoiding system air locks that occur when lubrication systems run out of grease)
  • Manual override system test switch function mounted on Pump reservoir, for workshop technicians 
  • Manual override from LED button in dash, for operator control, when extra greasing is required 
  • In most cases spare parts and filler couplings are adaptable to current systems.
  • Complete event log print out, real time, date day etc. for data control on system greasing and potential faults.

Download the Lubecore Technical Manual PDF here.


Lubecore Cost Savings Analysis

Compare the On-Road and Off-Road cost savings between manual greasing application and Lubecore's Autogreaser System.

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