What are Autogreasers?

Autogreasers are automatic centralised lubrication systems, mounted on the vehicle, that deliver exact quantities of lubricant to each individual lubrication point on the chassis (except the drive line of course). The system is made up of a pump, motor unit, lubricant reservoir, controller and piston distributors with connecting lubricant lines that deliver “small quantities of lubricant frequently ” to the chassis bearings whilst the vehicle is moving.

Even with only an estimated five per cent of Australian transport operators using Autogreasers, the trend is growing everyday, especially as operators learn the enormous value they can gain.

Every truck and trailer, whether on or off the road, can certainly gain extensive savings with the use of an autogreaser.

Many studies have been completed over 70 years (Vogel supplied the first unit to a Mercedes sedan in 1933) on the benefits of automatic lubrication systems (ALS). These studies and the passing of time have proven that automatic lubrication can extend bearing service life up to and beyond four times over manual lubrications.

Consider that when applying lubricant to the bearing, the pin cannot hydraulic lift in the bush. The clearances are only small and, of course, the load on the pin/bush will not allow lubricant to enter the friction point.

Even if grease was to get to the friction point area of the pin and bush, utilising the old method in lifting the chassis, then as soon as the bearings are loaded again, all excess lubricant is squeezed out to the seal area.

If the manually applied lubricant enters under the pin/bush the grease film would be minimal, this thin layer of grease would then be expected to endure thousands of mechanical shearing, vibration and loading actions until the next manual lubrication. This is a big ask of such a small film of grease whilst also endeavouring to avoid metal-to-metal contact.

An autogreaser applies lubricant to the bearings whilst the machine is moving, so it tends to “creep/pull” the lubricant into the friction area of the pin and bush.

An autogreaser also provides a better seal (small quantities applied frequently) so as a result it restricts contamination entering the bearing.


Download Autogreasers PDF here.

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