The Coolabah is the latest air conditioner on the market, designed and assembled in Australia.  This unit has been designed for Australia’s extreme weather conditions, whether it is winter or summer, the Coolabah will keep your sleeper cabin at the right temperature.


  • Heating is standard
  • No space required on chassis for fitment
  • 2 year warranty on Coolabah unit
  • 3 year warranty on lithium batteries
  • Can run up to 20 hours when using a 6KW lithium battery – based on average Australian summer temperatures
  • Option to charge truck battery
  • Quiet to run
  • Runs on its own battery or batteries (will not affect truck batteries)
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • Can NOT use while driving

It is okay to use the Coolabah while driving, however this will affect the amount of charge that goes into the auxiliary batteries which may affect the duration of the unit during the night.