VIESA KOMPRESSOR III (Refrigerated – Electric)

The Viesa Kompressor III is the newest Roof Mount cab cooling system on the market.  New parts and new electronics.  They keyword is “essential”, few components maximum reliability.

With an excellent acoustic comfort due to use of innovative materials that guarantee limited weight and low vibrations.


  • A weight reduction of more than 40% (14 kgs) the lightest in its category
  • Refrigerated – works well in all weather conditions
  • Roof mount
  • 1 KW
  • Low electricity consumption allows use for a long time when stopped
  • Innovative materials that guarantee limited weight and low vibrations
  • 1 full day fitment time
  • 1 year warranty


  • Only comes in 24 volt option but with additional batteries will suit 12V trucks
  • Only available in roof mount style
  • Will not keep a large sleeper cab cold unless in cooler running conditions
  • Not suitable to use whilst driving