Custom Built Sleeper Boxes

Truck Art manufacture, Aero II and Low Line custom built sleepers to suit most truck models.

The Aero I:                                         Custom built sleeper by Truck Art, this sleeper features a raised flat roof with a point (very old school) but allowing plenty of room for stand up. Customers mainly want this sleeper for a refurbished truck. We are able to manufacture just a roof if needed.

The Aero II:                                        Custom built Sleeper by Truck Art, features a raised roof with a streamlined design, allowing superior standing room within the sleeper and additional storage space

The Low line:                                     Custom built sleeper by Truck Art, features a roof top level with the truck cabin roof. This makes the sleeper a perfect fit for specialised trucks such as Car Carriers and rigs requiring access to height restricted loading areas.

Things to know:


Time frame:                                        6 weeks to build and fit to truck

Standard sleeper box Inclusions:   Air ride suspension, Painted standard white, Left hand top door, side vents, dividing blind, mossy net, Standard trim (none diamond trim) tool box lights, premium grade foam mattress and stainless steel skirts.

Extras:                                                There are many extras you can include in the sleeper box build at an extra cost, including: Sleeper cab air con, Fridge, TV, Cupboards, Fan, Relocate Exhausts, extra doors, top bed etc.

Sleeper box size range:                   25inch – 72inch

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