ECOWIND (Refrigerated – Diesel Powered)

The Ecowind is a diesel powered unit designed for the largest range of truck types, 12 volt or 24 volt, small or large sleeper cabs. This unit is a good all-rounder and will keep your sleeper cold in all weather conditions. The Ecowind unit is the quietest diesel powered unit on the market.  There are a few different fitment styles depending on your truck and where you have room for the unit.

Mounting Options:

  • Side mount on chassis – Standard fitment
  • On top of chassis – extra cost
  • Rear of chassis (not recommended) extra cost


  • Quietest diesel powered unit on the market
  • Lomdardini engine
  • Annual servicing or every 250 hours – $355 + GST Approx
  • Different fit-up styles
  • Supplied with Remote control
  • 1 year warranty
  • Auto battery charger


  • Noisier Unit (as it is a diesel powered unit)
  • More expensive to run
  • Need 500mm room on chassis for fitment