VIESA KOMPRESSOR (Refrigerated – Electric)

The Viesa Kompressor is a Roof mount unit and was designed for European trucks (Mercedes, Volvo, and Iveco ETC) as it ONLY comes in 24 volt.

This unit is fantastic for small to medium size sleeper cabs running in both dry and humid weather conditions.


  • Refrigerated – works well in all weather conditions
  • Roof mount
  • 1 KW
  • Can run on its own, or for a longer run time optional batteries and charger is highly recommended
  • Quiet to run
  • 1 Full Day Fitment time
  • 1 year warranty


  • Only comes in 24 volt option
  • Only available in roof mount style
  • Will not keep a large sleeper cab cold
  • Cannot use whilst driving

What is the difference between Viesa Kompressor and Pure Air?

  • Viesa Kompressor only comes in a Roof mount style – Pure Air only comes in Internal Style
  • Viesa Kompressor only comes in 24 volts – Pure Air comes in 12 volt and 24 volt
  • Viesa Kompressor is a smaller compact unit – Pure air is more bulky